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Golden Retriever Groomer in Burlington

goldenretreivergroomernearmeAt our Burlington Pet Grooming shop we groom all breeds, including the Golden Retriever. Have a look at the pictures to get an idea of what style of groom your are seeking for your dog.

They certainly are a fun dog to own and we enjoy grooming them! Give us a call and book your dog today.

Shih Tzu Groomer in Burlington

We provide a full range of dog grooming services, including the Shih Tzu. As there are many different looks, styles and different grooming techniques. Have a look at the pictures, to get a better idea of what you might be looking for with your Shih Tzu’s groom.


They sure are adorable and we enjoy grooming them too! Give us a call and book your appointment today.

Certified Pet Groomer with NGAC Burlington Ontario

We are pleased to announce that we have joined National Groomer Association of Canada (NGAC).

NGAC Bryant's in Burlington, ON


We  agree with their code of ethics

NGAC code of ethics

You can find our business listing on their website:

NGAC member Bryant's Pet Grooming



Pet Groomer – Clipping and Washing – Dogs & Cats – Burlington, Ontario 905 637 4143

Dog shaves can be not only a convenience cut but can also have some fun with style too. We provide a variety of custom dog and cat grooms, from the lion cut, Mohawk to breed specific.
Not sure what a lion cut looks like, check out this video, where we show some of our customers grooms, on a Pug (Lucy Goosy), Golden Lab and a Black cat named Zoro.

We provide full pet grooming services in our Burlington Shop, located at 2421 New Street, Unit 8, Burlington, Ontario. Give
us a call and book your pet today.

Woodle with a Lion Cut

Woodle with a Lion t

“Chewy” with his new Lion Cut Look

A Woodle dog with a Lion cut we recently did. This custom cut has the hair let longer on top to balance the Mane with a tuffed tail.
We do all kinds of breed specific and custom cuts. Give us a call and book your dog for a new spring look today!