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Cat Lion Cut with Mohawk

At Bryant’s we provide full cat grooming services. Are you looking for a different look for your pet to help with shedding and dander? Here is an example of a Cat Lion Cut with a Mohawk. If your interested in booking an appointment for this unique cut for your cat, give us a call at […]


Dog Mohawk Cut Grooming

With the warm weather coming, One of the popular dog grooming  cuts is the Dog Mohawk cut. And  we are pleased to offer this fun cut for our customers.     Call and book your dog today!  


Dog Grooming Coupon Deal – March 2012

Looking for dog grooming coupon deal? We have a  dog grooming 10% off special from March 1 to 31, 2012. By appointment only. Simply Call us at (905) 637-4143 and mention dog grooming coupon 10% off, when you book your dog’s appointment, at our Burlington shop location and we will give you 10% off!


Basic Dog Grooming Necessities in Burlington

Dog grooming in Burlington doesn’t mean that you have to find a “beauty spa” especially catered for pet dogs. Although there are centers like this existing, it can be easier & convenient to have your pet groomed at Bryants,{{905}637-4143}} You yourself have the capability to groom your dog. You only need to know how to […]