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Dog Grooming Coupons February

Looking for dog grooming coupons? We are pleased to announce our dog grooming 10% off special from February 15-29, 2012. By appointment only. Simply Call us at (905) 637-4143 and mention dog grooming coupon 10% off, when you book your dog’s appointment, at our Burlington shop location and we will give you 10% off!


Basic Dog Grooming Necessities in Burlington

Dog grooming in Burlington doesn’t mean that you have to find a “beauty spa” especially catered for pet dogs. Although there are centers like this existing, it can be easier & convenient to have your pet groomed at Bryants,{{905}637-4143}} You yourself have the capability to groom your dog. You only need to know how to […]


Dog Grooming Importance

Dog grooming is an important part of pet ownership.  It goes more than just a beauty regimen. It stretches as a health-care. Humans brush their teeth. They take a bath at least once a day. They comb their hairs, cut their nail, and visit salons, spa, and parlors for grooming. Humans do these things to […]